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Creepy Garden

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

When my friend, Gipsy asked me if I wanted to go to Ubud Botanical Garden with her one day, I was a bit confused. To be honest, I never heard that place before. I then googled that place and found some facts about that place. Some said it was a beautiful place, but then it’s abandoned after one of the owner died. Now, it’s a place for mosquitos and completely damaged. But Gipsy insisted to visit it. So, I just said yes, let’s try something new, like going on to place we’d never visited before.

To get there was very confusing. Google maps confused us more, because there was no any signs of the botanical garden. We went back and forward through the maps and kept missing the point. We finally asked locals, who immediately pointed on an art shop. Well apparently, the garden was behind the art shop. Doh!

When we entered, we encountered some ‘bule’ who were just out from that place. They looked disappointed and upset. Oh well, I read some disappointed testimonies in travel advisory, so I did prepare for the worst.


Well, the botanical garden was indeed abandoned. And creepy too! A lot and a lot of mosquitos who I think so happy to meet us, two fresh meats, till they would drain our blood. They even bit us through our thick shirts. Ouch! And mind you the slippery stones. We should walk really carefully if we don’t wanna be slipped. I also worried about the snakes. Thank goodness we didn’t meet one.

The plants are varies. And I’m sure they must be magnificent when they were treated well.


Despite of the creepiness, I think it was an unforgetful experience. For example, we found this secret garden that reminded me of a novel with the same title. And, for a bolang (‘bocah petualang’ or adventure kid) like me, this was really a great experience. I mean, we should change our perspectives for our expectations and everything will work perfectly. :D


Happy me. Screw the mosquitos.


6 respons untuk ‘Creepy Garden

    1. It makes you want to get out as soon as possible because it’s creepy, but you can’t because you’re curious of what waits you in the next corner. For me, it was worth, though I’m not sure if I wanna go there again. Still worry about snakes thing.

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