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Weekend Wandering: Peaceful Sunday

After hearing Agust D’s mixtapes, I had some mental breakdown. Not only because knowing Suga’s past struggle, but also because I relate much with his story. I almost swore I would never listen that mixtape again since it hurts to be reminded with your own past. But after thinking much, I change my mind. My past is what makes me who I am now, right? And I’m proud with myself. Like Suga said, “Who could do it like me?”, me too. I wanna shout those words too. Not anyone can cope with depression and comes out stronger.

Although, I do need some peace moments after that. These two days, I kept coming back to beach near my home. To walk, take some pictures, and mostly…just contemplating.

I took this picture this morning. Lately, the weather is quite chill and cloudy. I feel a bit cold inside…


“So far away… If you say you have a dream. If you have a dream that flies away” – So Far Away (Agust D)



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