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20160715 Verses

A-yo, you only look for me when you need something from me
It’s typical
You wish I’ll look for you since you think I’m the one who needs you
It’s delusional

Do you think I’m sad when you ignore me? (No, I’m not)
Do you think I’m pissed with your attitude? (Yes, I am)

I’m not easy, but I know how to behave
I’m simple, but I’m never your slave
(To look for me only when you want something for me?)
(Who do you think you are?)

Put this in mind
I don’t do this for you
Although I’m kind
I won’t be used by you

I’m nice, not because you’re kind
I can’t be priced because I’m one of the kind
If you can’t see it, that means you’re blind
If you don’t get it, the problem is not mine

I look cool, but I’m not a fool
I know what you aim at, but I won’t let you get that
I’m too swag, to be dragged
I won’t be broken, there… the words have been spoken

Because, I’ll just move on, baby
Because I will go on, baby


(These verses were inspired after I listened Tori Kelly’s “Unbreakable Smile”. Also, after hearing TOO MANY Bangtan Boys’ raps. Lol… But really, writing verses is fun)


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