Portrait: Arieska

An old friend of mine, Arieska, asked me to take some portraits of her when she went home last week. I agreed, so we went to Mangrove Forest to do the photo shoot.


6 respons untuk ‘Portrait: Arieska

  1. Your photos are beautiful and they emphasize the object very well :)). The poses are very natural, too, and I love the bouquet! You did a very good job Mbak, I learned a lot from these photographs, from choosing backgrounds to arrange the pose of the model :)).

    1. Thank you so much :)
      She’s an old friend, my childhood friend. Maybe because we’re comfortable as we know each other, the poses look natural.

      1. So the key for natural poses is being comfortable. Thank you, I’ll keep it in mind :)).

      2. Yes. Especially for the model. First, if they ask you what kind of clothes that you suggest them to wear, ask them to bring several outfits that they feel the most comfortable with. Because when they don’t feel comfortable with what they wear, it shows. Second, build good communication with them. It’ll build their good mood and trust with you. Third, appreciate their ‘strength’, hide their ‘flaws’. We as photographers, should be able to see the goodness of everyone. I always think everyone is beautiful, and never let myself to think otherwise when I take picture of someone. There must be beautiful side of everyone. Weather it’s their eyes, or the way they glance, their smile, posture, etc. Show them what you think is beautiful from them with your pictures of them. In the end, you’re a successful portrait photographer if the subject of your photography feels that they’re beautiful. Well, that’s my goal tho, to make everyone realizes that they’re beautiful. :)

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