Weekly Photo Challenge

Half and Half in Composition

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

I always think, photography as an art is a very subjective matter. No matter what the theory is, we can’t say one photograph is bad or wrong and we can do better than that. Because, even if we think it’s a bad one, it maybe not for the photographer. It may have some special values for them. That’s why I’d rather say if you don’t like a photograph, it’s not because it’s bad but because it’s not for you. For these 4 years I’ve learned photography, I’ve received some critics. Some about composition, or about what story I want to tell in my pictures. Some said that I edited a lot till they look differently from reality. While I listen to their critics and appreciate them (I think critics mean they care and they want me to do better), I also remember that my photograph is about myself. We photograph who we are. So, some photos might be right for some people but maybe not right for me. Some people think that some angles might be work for them while I think my angles are just fine. Some people tend to do photojournalism when reality should be pictured exactly in a photograph, while I’m okay with surrealism and heavy edited because that’s what I FEEL and not just what I see. About composition, some say that half and half in composition is not the right one. They say it should be 1/3 or 2/3. I don’t completely agree. While 1/3 or 2/3 is good for our eyes, but for me composition is more to what we want to include and exclude in our pictures. It depends on what stories we want to share. So, if you think half and half composition works for your pictures, then just do it. Because, it’s you who knows your pictures, not others. Here are some of my photographs that use half and half in my composition. Horizontally Pandawa02 Menanti Sunset Borobudur_08 SIN_447 SIN_362 The woman's dress had similar color with the sea's It's beautiful! Nila18 Vertically PANDAWA_054 Diagonalley Diagonally PANDAWA_116 PANDAWA_090 IMG_20141119_150619(edit)K Lotus20K Lorong Langgar bawah tanah

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