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Medical Love Letter

Got this from a page at FB. A love letter with medical as its background. Because I didn’t have a clue about any medical phrase, I asked my friend who is a doctor to translate it. Here we go:



Hi darling,
Hows your anatomy and physiology?
My biochemistry is within normal limits.
I miss you like an ischemic heart miss its blood supply.
I love you as the TB loves the apex of lung.
I care for you like the way IV Taxim and Metrogyl care for a postoperative patient.
I have implanted you in my SA node.
Please don’t be the etiology of my heart failure.
Miss you like ventilation.
Take care of your vitals.

— Your love


Anatomy means you ask about how is the general condition of the body, physiology means you ask how is the condition inside of the body, the biochemistry is within normal limits it means you’re in good condition, when ischemic heart attack happen, it is caused because of the lack of the oxygen that’s supplied by the blood that’s why you need blood supply. we suspect someone has TB when we find the consolidation on the apex (top) of lung because apex is relatively over ventilated and there is high PO2.
Taxim and Metrogyl are antibiotics, after postoperative it’s important to keep the postoperative result in good condition. I think it means after some wounds that you have and when you’re in healing process, this person take care of you carefully. SA node is the pacemaker of the heart. When you love someone, this person impulse your heart beat faster etc, doesn’t he . Etiology is the cause. Heart failure here means broken heart. Miss you like ventilation, ventilation is exchange, breathing in and out, you want this person to be near just like how you breath every second, every minutes, everyday, you want this person to be close to you. Vitals usually are blood pressures, temperatures, respiratory rate but can be other meaning too, this means take care yourself well.

Interesting! :D


2 respons untuk ‘Medical Love Letter

    1. Makanya musti cari ‘translator’-nya, Nik :D
      Ini saya beruntung punya temen seorang dokter. Kalo gak mah, cuman nyangka cute aja tapi gak ngerti isinya juga. Hehe..

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