Dear, Boy…

Dear, Boy…

Maybe you don’t realize this. Maybe you never feel that I ignore your presence lately. I never say ‘Hi’ again to you when we’ve met. Or, do you?

I don’t mean to ignore you, nor make any cold war with you. And, I don’t do it because I hate you. How could I?

I just feel sad. Feel sad because of your ignorance. Feel sad because I feel guilty when you ignore me. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ is the question that always pops up in my head, whenever you don’t reply me back.

We’re friends, right? Or, maybe it’s just me who think that way.

So, that is the reason why I ignore you. I want to keep thinking possitive about you. I assume that you’re busy as always to reply the greetings. And, when you’re not too busy, you will say ‘Hi’ to us, then I will reply it. Therefore, I won’t feel guilty and you won’t be bothered with it again. That is the best conclusion, don’t you think? Or not, because I can’t figure out what’s on your mind?