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Cold Night and Sunshine

I. Cold Night

I feel rejected over and over and over again. Doing stupid things that I did before, and fall in the same hole again. Being foolish is all I can be, I guess. I never learn from my mistakes, that is what I thought about myself right now.

Hating myself for still expecting you giving me an attention. I know you never do, and  you never will.

I don’t understand you, really. But the worst part is I don’t understand why I keep standing in this way. It hurts me. A lot.

Cold night, please leave me alone. I don’t wanna feel your freez wind again. I don’t wanna see empty and dark space anymore.

Cold night, please let me go or I will die soon because of your poison breath…

II. Sunshine

Come and see me, sunshine. Embrace me with your warm grace.

Though I always smile, you’re the one who ever known what’s inside my heart.

The pain, the cold…

I miss you, sunshine. I miss the time when we never thinking about future.

Just you and me. And the savana, the place where I ran to you when morning came.

Come and see me, sunshine. Save me from the dark and cold night.

pic source: ayuliyana.tumblr.com’


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