Last Night Conversation

Lately, I had this wish in my heart.

"talk to me, please"

And yesterday, it came true.

I didn’t know if I should be happy or not, cause he talked a lot to me last night. My heart felt happy but sad at once. That’s because he was upset that time. Not to me, of course. It’s some people who keep asking him the same stupid questions over and over again. It’s annoying for him, and I can understand that.

Boy, please be patient. Although I know you are patient enough dealing with those people, still… we need you to calm down. We will always support you because I believe, you’re the only one who can handle that situation.

(Well, if it’s me, I will erase all those comments especially on facebook, for sure. And maybe, erase their membership. haha. Well, thank God I’m not one of the moderators. :p )


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