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Moody Me

I’m a moody person. I need a lot of things to keep me smile everyday.

I collect jokes. I will repeat those jokes in my head whenever I have grey matters. And because of that, they think I’m funny. No, I just bored (sorry).

I collect words. Courage words. Motivation sentences. Lovely writings. So, I can smile whenever I read them.

I collect beautiful memories. And they said I had a great mind, just because I could remember those little things? No, I just wanna keep beautiful memories inside my head, just to remind myself that I have a beautiful life.

I even use this picture for my laptop’s wallpaper:


2 respons untuk ‘Moody Me

  1. hihihi.. I always consider myself to be super moody person. I like to laugh a lot, but when my mood swings to minus, I can snap out very easily even to what means to be jokes.
    Sometimes I realized I turn people away by my trait, being a moody person, but most of the times, I enjoy being what I am, sour and all, than to pretend that I’m not..

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